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2019, Watercolor on paper and yupo paper, Self-dyed muslin, Fabric, Buttons, Threads

The Book of Marriage is an illustration book that portrays a love story between a human and a raspberry to allude to the hidden fear of a failed heterosexual marriage.

It is divided into 11 visual chapters:

1.Fishing》​/ 《钓》

Two people met. They've found each other, and themselves, in this raspberry field.

2.Walking》​/ 《遛》

So they sacrificed willingly to this orchard.

3.Bathing》​/ 《浴》

The orchard sacrificed itself too, the man and the orchard drew nutrition from each other,

not hearing the warnings from outside.

4.Born》​/ 《合》

They married, blossomed, and bore new fruits. They took a family photo together.

5.Kissing》​/ 《吻》

Juicy and tasty, the new born raspberry fruits.

6.Leisuring》​/ 《惬》

Juicy and tasty, lying down.

7.Hospitalizing》​/ 《医》

Eyes open, in the hospital, tangled raspberries and a man.

8.Dining》​/ 《餐》

Bites and bites and bites, meals and meals and meals, days and days and days, years and years and years. Their kid grew up.

9.Sleeping》​/ 《眠》

Difficult to maintain nutrients, unable to sleep at nights. Said their kid.

10.Fleeing》​/ 《逃》

The fruits were ripe, but escaped. The raspberries were rotten, fell and chased. The fruit farmer found out, so he ran after them, breathlessly.

11.Immersing》​/ 《浸》

Dissolved, and stained red.